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Hello, I am Konstantinos Mesaikos, a -year old recent graduate in Communication Systems from Royal Institute of Technology - KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. I have just finished my internship as a researcher at Ericsson AB and I am looking for new job opportunities

Informatics and Communications Engineer with a strong academic background and wide range of skills, time management, information processing, computer use

Focused on growing in the field of Computer science. Proficient in a vast array of technologies including Programming languages, Databases, Networking and Operating Systems

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world

TRIVIA Besides working with computers, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies and traveling around. Moreover, I love work out playing volleyball or jogging outdoors with friends

A focused and goal-oriented team player with background in software engineering, networking, business and economics. A summary of qualifications is listed below. For further information about education, working experience, please download my Curriculum Vitae. Konstantinos Mesaikos
  • Portfolio

    Following, an electronic portfolio is documented with purpose to demonstrate achievement, skills and knowledge that have been acquired during my academic career. The Portfolio stand on a collection of my best work that led me to my final graduation from university.

    In the following pages, a careful selection of academic projects indicates my abilities to the Information and communications technology.

  • Online shop application

    - Design & Development of online shop application
    - Visual Studio Express 2013| C# | ASP.NET 4.5 | SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB

    Business Transformation

    Research in Internet-of-Things / Machine-2- Machine technologies for Transport and Automotive.

    Deployment of business models for Connected Vehicle Cloud which is a partnership between Ericsson and Volvo. Connected Vehicle Cloud provides connected car services to drivers and passengers. Examples of such services are remote diagnostics & software updates, charging support for electric vehicles, intelligent speed adaption, eCall, alco-lock and traffic hazard warnings. The project’s scope is to find the market status for each service and propose business models that can handle such innovative services.

    Master Thesis Project - Ericsson AB
  • eHealth services

    Robust and optimized utilization of network resources in support of video conferencing, monitoring and fail-over services.

    The Zabbix client-server application was used as monitoring system. XL2TP / IPSEC link encapsulation technique was implemented in order to achieve failover. The gateways used run over Bifrost platform (linux).
    Collaboration: Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH & Karolinska Hospital.

    Please download the eHealth services report

    Techno-economic study for network deployment in rural areas

    Dimensioning, design and cost structure analysis of a radio access network. A five year planning for a specific area comparing Wi-fi, HSDPA Macro and Micro Radio Access Technologies (RATs). Capacity and area coverage were the main concerns. In terms of cost structure CAPEX and OPEX were taken into consideration for each solution.

    Please download the Techno-economic study report and files

  • Pharmacy

    Design & Development of Management System for Pharmacy
    - Borland Builder 6 | C++
    - Income-expenses management | Stock control

    Please download the Pharmacy documentation

    VoIP Private Branch Exchange call center

    - Set up a PBX call center in Linux
    - PHP development of module for wake-up call option

    Mobile Applications

    Developing Mobile Applications
    - RSS Reader
    - Eclipse | Android SDK Tools

    Please download the application presentation

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Project

    Design a flexible, redundant and better load balancing network. We avoid single point-of-failure design by using several routers.
    Network design - address allocation
    Routing functionality
    - Interior Routing - OSPFv2
    - Exterior Routing - BGP
    - Fault-tolerant IP routing – HSRP
    - PIM-SM IP Multicast routing
    Internet services
    - DNS server - BIND9
    - DHCP server – ISC
    - Web server – Apache HTTP
    - FTP server - Proftpd
    - Mail server - Courier, Postfix and maybe Spam Assassin
    Please download the ISP files and report
  • NS-3 Network Simulator Project

    Wi-fi network fairness and starvation problems.

    Creating a basic network topology of two nodes and two access point to simulate and investigate fairness problems in networks. CSMA/CA and RTS/CTS mechanisms were also deployed.NS-3 modules, C++ based, were written to simulate and produce the results.

    Please download the NS-3 report and files

    Internet Security - Linux Firewall

    Iptables rule creation for packet filtering in order to improve network security by removing packets whose fields match certain patterns. Experimenting and create rules to forward or block traffic between 3 nodes. Verify the result using ssh and ftp.

    Please download the Internet Security report

  • Android vs Apple Smartphone Ecosystems

    Analysis and comparison of the most famous mobile ecosystems, Android and Apple ecosystems from telecom policies and regulatory principles.

    Please download the report

    Encrypting and signing e-mail

    E-mail security is based on a set of cryptographic algorithms ensuring both that only the holder of a specific key can read a message (encryption) and prove the message have not been changed while in transit (signing). The goal of
    this lab is to familiarize you with e-mail security using the well known tool GnuPGP, also known as GPG. GPG is a
    free implementation of the OpenGPG standard, which is based on the commercial tool PGP.

    Please download the files and report

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