Konstantinos Mesaikos

Hello, I am Konstantinos Mesaikos, a -year old MSc student in Communication Systems at Royal Institute of Technology - KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, I am working as a Researcher at Ericsson AB, writing my thesis project in IoT and M2M technologies.

Informatics and Communications Engineer with a strong academic background and wide range of skills, time management, information processing, computer use

Focused on growing in the field of Computer science. Proficient in a vast array of technologies including Programming languages, Databases, Networking and Operating Systems

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world

TRIVIA Besides working with computers, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, traveling around. Moreover, I love work out playing volleyball or jogging outdoors with friends

For detailed information please check out my Curriculum Vitae here : Konstantinos Mesaikos

Some of my work :

eHealth services:

Robust and optimized utilization of network resources in support of video conferencing, monitoring and fail-over services.
Collaboration: Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH University & Karolinska Hospital

Internet Service Provider(ISP) project:

Network design - address allocation
Routing functionality: Intra-Inter domain routing,
Fault-tolerant IP routing, PIM-SM IP, Multicast routing
Internet services: DNS, DHCP, Web, FTP, Mail server

Techno-economic study for network deployment in rural areas:

Dimensioning, design and cost structure (CAPEX, OPEX) analysis of a radio access network for Wi-fi, HSDPA Macro and Micro Radio Access Technologies(RATs)

More academic projects can be found in the official website of my University here
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Being someone who works at the Internet all day, means I am pretty active on various social websites.The web is a great network, I've met some of my closest friends online.So, feel free to stop by and say hello at: